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In collaboration with Kaffeeform we are happy to introduce their reusable cup with our leitmotiv "Read Coffee, Drink Mags" on it, for you to spread the word and help the world by reducing waste when ordering your coffee here and there.

The Weducer Cup is a versatile reusable travel mug. The cup is extremely lightweight yet very durable. Hot drinks stay pleasantly warm for up to 1:30 hours, thanks to the cup’s double outer shell. A second, fully sealable lid expands the functionality for carrying in a backpack or bag.

Why this cup and not other? Firstly it has our leitmotiv "Read Coffee, Drink Mags" on it and you can chose between three different colors. Also, in Kaffeeform they use upcycle resources destined for the trash – coffee grounds from Berlin-based cafés and roasteries, beechwood fibers from Southern Germany, and other renewable resources. The only binding agents are plant-based polymers – no nasty petroleum-based plastics here! 

Designed in Berlin, Made in Germany – produced locally and ethically with the environment in mind.

Highlights: recycled & renewable resources only, stable & break-proof, highly durable & robust, insulating drinks, hardened with plant-based polymers, dishwasher-friendly, extremly lightweight and free from BPA& melamine resin.

Capacity: 250 ml/8,5 oz  Dimensions: 12 x 9 cm Weight: 115 g