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June, 2023

192 pages
Bilingual: English & Spanish

Contents: Simplicity: envisioning the future of specialty coffee; Ineffable Coffee Roasters: from the world to Seville; Calling the shots; Beyond the barista; Journal; A cup of delight; The new wave of coffee; Guess what!; Muscle memory; Moka joy; We are alive, let's drink cider; Q Grader: evaluating coffee quality; Ten cups: a celebration; From LA to Zurich, the new Echo Park; The coffee you see in film is social criticism; Inside SOLO + all content in Spanish too.

First orders come with a 60gr. sample bag of coffee roasted by Ineffable Coffee Roasters (Seville, Spain). Limited units.

Country: Indonesia
Region: Sumatra
Farm: Pegasing
Producer: Hendra Maulizar
Variety: Abyssinia, Typica
Altitude: 1500-1700m
Process: Carbonica Maceration 60h. Natural
Roasted for filter coffee