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December, 2023

208 pages
Bilingual: English & Spanish

Contents: Good Coffee Makes Life Good; A Conversation with The Miners – Official Coffee Roaster; Aillio: Making Roasting Possible; Bright, Balanced with Notes of Homeland; A Baroque Revival; Bread, Coffee and Sound Judgement; Cultivating Flavors – By Right Side Coffee; Trading Code for Coffee;  Not Today, No; Exotic Processing: José Giraldo - Café 1959; The Refreshment 2.0; Reusing is Caring – By Kaffeeform;  Darcy's Kaffe, Right at Home + Copenhagen City Guide; Experimenting with AI: Crafting the Unseen; Suspended Animation + all content in Spanish too.

SOLD OUT First orders come with a 60gr. coffee bag roasted by the Official Coffee Roaster of SOLO 11: The Miners (Prague, Czech Republic). They roasted three coffees for the occasion (you'll receive one of them, not possible to chose). Limited units.

Guatemala Manuela Carmela 
Country: Guatemala
Region: Huehuetenango
Variety: Caturra, Catuaí, Bourbon
Farm: La Penita
Altitude: 1600–1650 masl
Process: Washed
Ethiopia Telila Filter 

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Gera, Jimma
Variety: Gibrinna 74110, Serto 74112
Farm: Telila Washing Station
Altitude: 2000 masl
Process: Honey

Kenya Tegu AB
Country: Kenya

Region: Nyeri
Variety: SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11 
Farm: Tegu Factory
Altitude: 2000 masl
Process: Washed