This spoon is mine

THIS SPOON IS MINE is ongoing and personal project by Albert Jornet since 2013 which finally saw the light in June 2018 in Espacio88. Besides the exhibition, we published a booklet that collects the project. The booklet was desgined in collaboration with Miguel Almeida.

This project started years ago. At the beginning it was a secret, I did it without anyone around knowing what was going on. If people would have known what I was doing, they would probably have blown my cover (without it being their intention, of course). There was no personal gain from these small thefts except taking something from that place, a memory of that moment, while unconsciously starting a collection. A spoon is something you can easily take, it’s small, light… And it’s easily replaceable by the place in question. It’s an everyday object full of life and beauty on various occasions. The most interesting thing of all is that despite having visited many different places and cities, I still haven’t found two spoons that look the same.
As time passed and having filled my drawer with all kinds of spoons, I decided that the project had to evolve into something else, acquire another dimension. I wanted to document how, when and where I had used the spoon and that way, create a diary of my life through that object. Thanks to all the data I’ve accumulated, I can now travel back in time and easily recall dates, meetings, cities, coffees, and yes, delicious sweets too. All because of a simple object.
Now, with a careful selection of 17 spoons from my private collection, I’ve decided to make the project public. Because it coincides with the release of SOLO, the sample spoons I’m showcasing all have in common that they were exclusively used for coffee.
A note to all the coffee places that participated in this project indirectly: thanks, and I hope there are no hard feelings.