Sage in the office

For SOLO 10 we decided to look a little bit (just a little bit) to ourselves because not everybody knows our background, how things started. For the occasion, Sage sent over some of their appliances so we could enjoy them at the office during (and after!) the photoshoot and we obviously loved everything. Here is a sneak peak of the interview that Meryem El Mehdati did to us. The whole interview was published in the printed pages of the tenth edition with photographies by Coco Fernández. And last but not least, we invite you to read Meryem's book Supersaurio published by Blackie Books because it's awesome and hilarious and because we like to recommend you things that we love. 
All good things in life are slow burners. You try, tweak, and try again, just like you do when you grind beans and pull through the morning’s first espressos. Speciality coffee is a small world, but one that's rich in nuances and in people who are always willing to share their knowledge, from baristas who explain the difference between washed and natural beans, to roasters who give you a guided tour behind the scenes. It is very easy to weave links and create community, and for coffee shops to go from being just that, coffee shops, to becoming spaces where we feel at home. “That's the part we really love, and one of the reasons we started this project. SOLO has allowed us to do so many things and meet so many people that otherwise wouldn't have been possible. We always seek out coffee shops when we travel, we try to meet the people behind the projects, we try to go to coffee festivals, publishing festivals, etc. That’s what motivates us to keep going. We are gradually adding more layers so that it moves towards what we imagined. It is a very slow process, but a very satisfying one once you see how things come together.”