SOLO is a project and printed magazine around good coffee, culture, lifestyle and design that aims to approach the specialty coffee scene from a fresh, personal, and nontechnical point of view. We’re into the stories behind experts and consumers, offer high-quality content by professionals and restless minds, and want to share it all creatively with you to help expand the coffee culture. Not only by distributing and selling the magazine, but also by collaborating with different brands, cafes, roasters, events and whatever may come. SOLO invites you to take a break with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy a calm read. It's an invitation to pause for a moment and enjoy the good things in life.

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Nomad Coffee, Oatly, Sibarist, Hola Coffee, BWT, Dalla Corte, Bean Bros, Right Side Coffee, AeroPress, Syra Coffee, Café de Finca, Okappi, Dutch Coffee Pack, Laser BCN, Blueyellow, Complementos del café, Three Marks Coffee Roasters, Alpro Barista, Cafe Imports, Best Brew, Bean Green, Rudo, Mundaka, Moccamaster, Barista Hustle, Trabocca, Huerto Blumen, Karma Flores, Fedrigoni.

If you are a brand (coffee or not related) feel free to contact us for advertising and collaboration opportunities.


Bea Bascuñán & Albert Jornet
Editors in chief
Design, art direction & everything in between

Bea and Albert, both graphic designers and enthusiasts about new projects, started in independent publishing in 2011 with the foundation of the self-publishing house Publications for Pleasure. Since then they have published a range of different material but after discovering the world of specialty coffee back in 2014, they decided to start the first bilingual (English and Spanish) printed magazine on specialty coffee in Spain. To know more about past publications, visit:
Publications for Pleasure

We publish, you read, we all keep selfpublishing alive!